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The Real Estate Aptitude of Nawar Hussein Has Made Him an Icon

January 16, 2019

Over the years, Nawar Hussein has become a strong force in the Spanish real estate market, to the point that many credit him with changing and re-shaping the entire landscape of real estate investing, having often closed multi-million-dollar property deals since he was 25. With Nawar Hussein guiding them, the goal for every one of his clients is to make the highest possible return on their investment. That may sound much like every other real estate specialist in Spain, but the fact is, Nawar Hussein also understands better than most that his job is to always ensure that every client investor is mired in reality, since real estate does provide the highest return of any potential investment, it still takes due diligence to do everything the right way. Nothing is automatic.

One reason for Nawar Hussein’s success is perhaps the extensive network of valuable resource partners he has available to him. He has carefully built that network over time, and that network means he is able to make clients a great deal. Many of his clients consider him a “visionary.” That wide-ranging sphere of influence combine with his considerable bargaining power to bring together the best in the real estate business and create unique and special investment opportunities for his clients.